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filters The site consists of a variety of newsfeeds. While this content is not unique, the collection of stories changes daily. While those with the capacity and willingness to see patterns will surely learn from the content on this site, we filter information constantly. This is important on many levels, but the media, politicians, and our personal ideology and values also come to play. While "cyberlaw" may not be a particularly controversial topic, note the way this crime is being defined and to whom various labels apply.

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  • Stupid Patent of the Month: Elsevier Patents Online Peer Review
    On August 30, 2016, the Patent Office issued U.S. Patent No. 9,430,468, titled; “Online peer review and method.” The owner of this patent is none other than Elsevier, the giant academic publisher. When it first applied for the patent, Elsevier so…
    - 93 days ago, 9 Sep 16, 5:44pm -
  • Michigan's Automated Driving Bills
    Michigan's Senate will soon consider, and I'm told will likely pass, several bills related to automated driving. Location United States Se…
    - 95 days ago, 7 Sep 16, 2:16am -
  • “Tool Without a Handle” – Tools For Art and Politics, Part 1
    This blog has, to date, primarily focused on the qualities of networked information technologies and regulatory responses to them – in particular qualities that raise issues of privacy and free expression. This installment of “Tool Without a Han…
    - 16 Aug 16, 1:23am -
  • Strasbourg Court To Hear A Case About Liability For Hyperlinking
    Internet case-law of the ECtHR will soon be enriched. Magyar Jeti Zrt v Hungary is a new important pending case. It concerns liability for hyperlinks in the domestic defamation law and its compatibility with freedom of expression.
    - 5 Aug 16, 12:36pm -
  • Unlock the Box Meets Lochner
    I’m told that August is a slow month in D.C., but there is nevertheless policy drama in the air for the telecommunications and copyright nerds among us. I blogged last week about the battle currently being waged over the FCC’s effort to introduce…
    - 4 Aug 16, 7:30pm -
  • State-Level Cyber Security Efforts: Washington State and the Evergreen Approach to Cyber Security
    The State of Washington has undertaken a series of efforts around cyber security that are unique, noteworthy, and potentially of interest to other state and local governments.  First and foremost, Washington has made an important conceptual choice,…
    - 3 Aug 16, 7:08pm -
  • How vulnerable to hacking is the US election cyber infrastructure?
    This article was originally published on The Conversation under a CC Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license.  Read the original article.
    - 29 Jul 16, 5:19pm -
  • Whose Copyright Office?
                In 2013, in a lecture at Columbia University, Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante announced an ambitious vision for the “Next Great Copyright Act.” That vision appropriately included a prominent role for the Copyright Off…
    - 22 Jul 16, 7:11pm -
  • Network Neutrality in Brazil: the recently enacted Presidential Decree consolidates meaningful rules
    Amidst an economic and political turmoil, Brazil gave a significant step towards protection of network neutrality – the principle that keeps the Internet an open space, free from undue control by Internet service providers (ISPs). A Presidential De…
    - 21 Jul 16, 5:32pm -
  • 126 Leading Academics to Europe’s Telecom Regulators: Protect the Open Internet in Europe
    Today, 126 academics from Europe and around the world published an open letter to European telecom regulators urging them to protect the open Internet in Europe. Regulators are currently working on guidelines that will determine how Europe’s new ne…
    - 21 Jul 16, 9:35am -